A Core Activity

Since 2010, FFC has awarded approximately 538 grants to grassroots organizations led by women and girls. FFC is active in 16 provinces with the goal of expanding its presence to cover all 26 provinces in the coming years

Our Story

FFC was established in 2007 by Julienne Lusenge and a group of Congolese women to provide funding to Congolese women’s groups that were unable to access funding from other sources. The concept was to create a grassroots fund, bridging the gap between international donors and local women’s initiatives. The challenges faced by small or informal organizations in reaching international donors are multifaceted, including strict funding regulations and heavy reporting requirements. Additionally, factors such as insecurity, lack of infrastructure, and poor communication channels often deter donors from working with groups in marginalized areas of the country. This is where FFC steps in.

Our Vision

A Democratic Republic of Congo free of violence, where women and girls have rights to physical integrity and economic justice, where women participate in all levels of decision-making that affect their lives and communities


 To support grassroots women’s organizations to effectively promote Congolese women’s and girls’ rights 

Our Values

Participation, Transparency, Equality, Efficacy, Inclusivity 

6 Majors Programs

Sexual Reproductive health and Rights

Climate Change and Environmental protection

Political Participation and Female Leadership

Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

Financial Empowerment of Women and Girls

Conflict Management and Transformation

Our Board Members

faida mwangila


Josephine Malimukono

Vice president

zawadi musika leviane


Jeanne Kavuo

Deputy Rapporteur

Jeanne nzuzi