The Fund For Congolese Women a proximity Fund for Women

With your donations FFC grassroots organizations can make a change in their communities The Fund for Congolese Women (FFC) is a monetary fund that provides much needed financial and technical resources to women-led grassroots initiatives and organizations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) working to improve the rights of Congolese women and girls.



FFC aims to technically and financially reinforce organizational capacities of Congolese women and girls’ organizations,networks and groups. We are based in Kinshasa, 55 Lukusa avenue - Gombe.

Support women’s grassroots organizations for the effective promotion of Congolese women and girls’ rights.


A Congo without violence where women and girls have access to their fundamental rights.


believes in the potential of Congolese women and girls to contribute to the development of their country and in their ability to provide effective solutions for a sustainable change in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Participation; Transparence; Efficiency; Equity; Inclusivity; Trust

FFC solidarity mission in kananga: the delegation covered the maternity costs for the displaced mother who gave birth to the triplets.
Newborn to triplets.
The fund for Congolese Women with the local community sharing food supplies in Nganza, Tchilumba, kamilabi...
FFC solidarity mission in Kananga/Kasaï Province in DRCongo. October - 2017
Children gathering around.


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