29 April 2019



The Wapandaji Project is a girl-led project where girls have banded together to fight sexual violence in schools in Kalemi, Tanganyika Provence. Twenty-five girls had set up a reporting system for girls to safely report cases of sexual violence. With support from FFC, Wapandaji trained 25 more girls, so-called “focal points,” in three additional schools on laws to prevent and eliminate sexual violence and to protect women’s and girls’ rights. Wapandaji members, in collaboration with school authorities, set up five school clubs. The members of these clubs educated 387 students and teachers and identified two cases of sexual violence which are now being prosecuted in court. Wapandaji members documented another case of early, forced marriage. A family wanted to marry off their 17 years old daughter. Wapandaji members informed the city mayor. Because of Wapandaji’s advocacy, he cancelled the wedding and ordered the parents to allow their daughter continue with her studies.

You can read more on our 2018 annual report

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