SIMON IDI BILONDJWA : Programs Manager. His role is to support women’s groups in their local initiatives to improve the rights of  Congolese women and girls . Simon provides technical assistance for the development projects of these women’s groups that are financed by FFC. Simon is a Senior Technician Rural Development (Ao) of the Higher Institute of Rural Development (ISDR) of Bukavu, environment and sustainable development. He was a senior leader in the SCODAP, community mobilizer in the ELIMU Association in the UNDP poverty program and managing a micro-enterprise service. He did professional internship in the REDD mechanism in South Kivu where he participated in the development of a provincial strategy for sustainable development (SPDD) for the South Kivu province with the provincial government under the support of UNDP . He was also responsible for programs in SEDI (Service Exchange for Integral Development), where he initiated projects on holistic care for victims of sexual violence, projects monitoring violations of human rights in the territories of Uvira and Fizi.

since January 2014 ,Simon works in resources mobilization and implementation of different  projects on political participation and leadership , conflict transformation ,   sexual violence against women, combating and prevention of HIV/AIDS,women empowerment and also on climate justice and reproduction health

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