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FFC is unique – the only woman-led grant-giving NGO in the entire DRC.


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Engagés ensemble pour la Promotion de la Paix et le Développement (EPD/Congo) empowers farmworker households to improve their food security in South Kivu by establishing a field of soybean cultivation and distributing 3 guinea pigs per household.

One mother – a participant – recounted, “I received 3 guinea-pigs and after 6 months I had 62 guinea-pigs. This provides us organic fertilizer that improves our produce on our small plot of land. I also sell guinea-pigs to pay the school fees for my children, and the guinea-pig meat provides my family with a regular protein source.”



Economic Empowerment Project

start a journey with a project

Did you know that gender equality is the number one predictor of peace? Peace is key to economic well-being and safety for women and their communities. The power of locally-led peace efforts is demonstrated by FFC partners scattered across eastern DRC. In one such project, women were able to lead:

  • Family reconciliations for families who were divided by conflict.
  • 10 days of exchange and reflection bringing together different communities in conflict.
  • 18 advocacy missions with local authorities and institutions of peace.

There is a huge need for more peace projects where local communities receive support to engage in peaceful cohabitation activities focused on safety and security for all.

peace project

Consider sponsoring a project like EPD and touch dozens of lives!

Your Impact

$ 25
  • Buys 3 guinea pigs and 3kg of soybeans

Your Impact

$ 50
  • Rent a plot of Land

Your Impact

$ 100
  • Ensures 2 trainings on human rights

Your Impact

$ 250
  • establishes a savings and loan association

Your Impact

$ 500
  • funds enough guinea pigs and soybean seeds for the entire project

Full Project

$ 5000
  • finances an entire 9-month project, supporting 30 women

For questions about sponsoring a project, please contact Danielle Prince at contact@ffcrdc.org.