Romaric Kavayita

Romaric Kavayita is a strong women’s rights activist in the DRC and co-founder of FFC. He is in charge of FFC’s administration, logistics, and human resources. He holds a degree in Science and has certificates in computer science; web mastering; securing sensitive data of NGOs (Martus software); and protection of human rights defenders by international Read more about Romaric Kavayita[…]


SIMON IDI BILONDJWA : Programs Manager. His role is to support women’s groups in their local initiatives to improve the rights of  Congolese women and girls . Simon provides technical assistance for the development projects of these women’s groups that are financed by FFC. Simon is a Senior Technician Rural Development (Ao) of the Higher Read more about SIMON IDI BILONDJWA[…]

Julienne Lusenge

Julienne Lusenge was born in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. A tireless and fearless advocate for justice, peace, and gender equality, she has founded, and leads, two separate NGOs. In 2001, she became the president/co-founder of SOFEPADI (Women’s Solidarity for Peace and Integral Development), an NGO working for the promotion of women’s and girls’ rights Read more about Julienne Lusenge[…]

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