FFC : Thanks to this project,  women and girls victims of sexual violence have been trained in manufacture of stoves (energy cooking pot)



Mission of solidarity of the fund for Congolese women (ffc) in kananga. The delegation is in full distribution of food and other necessaries in the sites of nganza, tchilumba, kamilabi, mpokolo wa moyo, katoka and kamilabi affected by the atrocities! The delegation also paid the maternity costs for the 2 displaced women who gave birth to each of the triplets in the health institutions of the place !! We thank the foundation andré kadima who alerted the found for Congolese women on the situation of displaced women and humanitarian agencies for sharing the information on this crisis. !!! Let us mobilize beside the women's organizations of the central kasaï because the specific needs of the affected women are a lot!!






Training to Help beneficiaries to master the objectives and indicators of the platform of women according to the agreement framework in Addis Ababa , DRC







Workshop for capacity building of women candidates to provincial election and potential candidates to legislation election on communication techniques during the election period and election issues in Goma , DRC












Supporting Girls School Fees With your Donations







The Fund For Congolese Women

a proximity Fund for Women



 Support women’s grassroots organizations for the effective promotion of Congolese women and girls’ rights.

A Congo without violence where women and girls have access to their fundamental rights.

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