26 September 2016

cartographies FFC – 2015

Women's leadership and political participation projects

With FFC support, the organization ELAIES implemented a project to prevent and manage electoral conflicts in the area around Kinshasa by establishing six Election Peace Committees. ELAIES began by building the capacity of 30 women and girls on electoral conflict resolution.

Fight against Sexual violence and gender based violence

To prevent and eliminate the sexual and gender based violence.The Wapandaji Project is a girl-led project where girls have banded together to fight sexual violence in schools in Kalemi, Tanganyika Provence.

climate justice and environment protection

FFC supported another project to promote access to renewable energy for 32 households (women-run) in urban and rural Turunga areas, Nyiragongo Territory, in North Kivu Province.

Women's empowerment

The organization Union of People with Disabilities (SPHGN), with FFC support, led a project focused on entrepreneurship for women living with disabilities in the rural area of Oicha. SPHGN trained 60 women living with disabilities how to manage micro-loans


In the Mbiza, thanks to the awareness campaign organized by SYFUDR, 14 young people left the armed groups, including 10 young people from the Mai-Mai Charles group from the Nande community and 4 young people from the Mai-Mai NYATURA group from the Hutu community.

Access to natural resources and right to own land

Workshops on women’s rights to own lands and projects implemented to help women to access land or natural resources

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